We do not recommend these methods, but if they suit you for any reason, use them at your own risk.

Advertising stbemu codes on other social networks
Subscriptions here are usually very expensive, as users do not like to switch from one social network to another based on advertising.

Mention of the Telegram channel on the air of programs on television and other video resources, on streams, conferences
The bottom line is that you just call the name of the channel, and do not write and do not give a link to it due to the specifics of the format.

It won’t work 100% of the time. Much depends on how easy it is to remember, google and find the name of your channel in the search results, what coverage you will PR for, and other factors.

Where exactly you should not advertise is:

Collections, Mutual and Paid
The reason is that it is not known how much targeted traffic you will receive from them. Although they promise impressive coverage, they are not always real people, bots are often found. That is, there will be enough views, but there will be no transitions and subscriptions from them.

Exchanges and farms in Telegram
These are sets of linked channels. If you order a post in them, they decide for you exactly where your advertising post will appear, they negotiate with the admins for you. The placement price will be unreasonably high, since the administrators of such resources are primarily interested in making money. What to advertise and whether it is interesting to the target audience is the tenth thing.

You get nothing but negative feedback from the audience. Oh yes, and bots disguised as subscribers and misappropriation of the advertising budget. In a word, don’t get involved.

And now about the most important thing in promotion: how to use the capabilities of the messenger to motivate new users to subscribe, and subscribers to stay with you?