“Banned in Russia”

Year of launch: 2013

User IDs used: phone number

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, desktop version: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Declared security: The MTProto protocol was created for the messenger, which assumes the use of several encryption protocols. In the private chat mode, data transfer occurs according to the “end-to-end” model

What data it collects: Telegram allows users to download all their data and see what the messenger collects – private messages with all media content in the entire history of the account, as well as IP addresses, personal user data (from the profile), data from the profile, a list of contacts with phone numbers (including numbers of users not registered in Telegram), as well as channels, chat bots, stickers and other data.

Advantages: Telegram has the ability to search for a user whose phone number is unknown. Instead, the username is used – the nickname of the person in the messenger. Two-factor authentication. Possibility to set a password at login.

What users are talking about: Poor image during video calls

Events: one of the high-profile events of 2020 is, of course, the official unblocking of Telegram in Russia. This provoked rumors about Pavel Durov’s cooperation with the Russian authorities and the transfer of data to users

In June 2020, it became known that the data of several million Telegram accounts had leaked to one darknet forum. The exact number of Telegram users who got into the database is unknown, but the management of the messenger assured that more than 60% of the database contains irrelevant data.

Another attempt to obtain user data was made in August 2020. Fraudsters created a clone of the “Favorites” chat, hoping for the inattention of users.

According to The Washington Post, the American NGO Coalition for a Safer Web has filed a lawsuit against Apple. In its lawsuit, the company is demanding the removal of the messenger from the App Store because of the content that was published there before the riots in the Capitol.

Disadvantages: there are frequent interruptions in the work of the messenger around the world. The last major crash occurred a few weeks ago, reported by users from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.