Telegram has announced the launch of its official advertising platform. Therefore, advertising messages and pakecrot will appear on Telegram channels for the first time.

Let’s figure out how Telegram advertising will look and work.

How the official Telegram advertising will work
As follows from a post published by Pavel Durov:

Telegram will not show promotional messages in your chat list, private conversations or groups. Advertising will affect only large channels – services where there is already advertising, and the support of which leads to the greatest costs on the part of Telegram.
No personal data will be used to display ads. User privacy is paramount for Telegram. The content of advertising messages will depend only on the topics of the channels in which they are displayed, and not on the personal data of users.
Official Telegram advertisements will be unobtrusive. Only short texts are allowed in them, without external links or photographs. An advertisement may appear only after viewing all new posts in the channel.
Telegram channels now contain advertisements that are published by the owners of Telegram channels themselves in the form of ordinary messages. The official advertising messages that Telegram implements will be much more user-friendly. Revenue from such advertisements will allow Telegram to continue to provide users with a free and unlimited service.
How will the launch of advertising in Telegram take place?
More information about advertising on Telegram:

The launch will be carried out through the platform
To start creating ads on the platform, you must first be logged in. This requires you to have an existing Telegram account
After logging into the platform, you can launch ads using your personal account or by creating an organization (based on a channel or group).
Telegram advertisements appear on large public one-to-many channels with over 1000 subscribers and are limited to 160 characters.

All links in an advertisement must lead to a channel or bot in Telegram in the or @link format. Links to external sites are not allowed.

For targeting settings, you need to select languages ​​and themes that suit your audience, or specify specific channels for placement.
After creating an ad, you need to set the CPM (Cost-Per-Mille) for the ad, that is, the cost per thousand views. The minimum CPM is € 2.
A minimum advance payment of € 2,000,000 is required to run ads on the Telegram advertising platform. Of this amount, Telegram withholds 1,000,000 euros as a deposit, and provides the remaining amount to the advertiser to spend on displaying ads.
What’s the bottom line? At the moment, the Telegram advertising platform is working in test mode and, based on the minimum deposit amount, is available to a very limited circle of people. More specifically, large brands.

Most likely, over time, the minimum upfront payment will decrease, and there will be more tools for customizing your ad and targeting.