Using the popular messenger Telegram and miniloona train is possible not only on smartphones and tablets. The high popularity of the program for messaging prompted the developers to create a special version for personal computers running on Windows 10. About what are the features of the desktop version, how to download it to the PC and configure it according to the requirements of the user, we will talk about in our today’s material.

Features of Telegram for PC Windows 10
Windows 10 users got the desktop version of the messenger at their disposal relatively recently, but have already managed to assess its benefits. The functionality of the program includes:

Sending media files without any restrictions.
Ability to start correspondence on the mobile, and continue it on a PC or laptop, using all the advantages of synchronization of chats.
Access to a cloud service to store chat history, files and links.
A full-featured version for the computer, which cannot be said about some other messengers, such as WhatsApp, for example.
If necessary, you can use the portable version, which does not need to be installed.
Subscribing to telegram channels that are relevant to a particular user.
Using bots to work in Russian, as well as to search for and download multimedia files.
Where and how to download Telegram installation file on Windows 10
Statistics show that the request skachat telegram plus dlya windows 10 is typed into the search engine quite often. Since this topic is of interest to many PC users, let’s talk about it in more detail.

So, to download the application to your computer or laptop, you can use one of the two available ways:

download Telegram on Windows;
download the desktop version of the application from the Microsoft Store
The first way is preferred because it works more stable, and this version of the messenger is more convenient to use.

The installation and registration process
Clicking on the telegram download button and waiting for the download to complete, you need to install the application. To do this, simply left-click on the file and follow the further instructions. The process of installing Telegram on Windows is similar to installing other software.

When the installation is finished, the messenger will open automatically and the user will have to click the Start Messaging button and then enter your mobile number and wait for an SMS message with a confirmation code. If the “Telega” is already installed on some other device, the confirmation code will come there and must be entered in the corresponding field on the computer screen.

After entering the code consisting of six digits, the person will get into their own account, the synchronization of chats will occur automatically.

If Telegram has not been used at all before, you will have to specify a username, choose an avatar and perform other standard settings.

If the Telegram desktop version was downloaded from the Microsoft Store, proceed as follows:

launch the app store;
type in a search query (in this case, the word “Telegram”);
click on the “Get” button;
wait for the download to complete;
follow the step by step recommendations.
Russification procedure
An important point is that it is impossible to download Telegram for “ten” in Russian, russification will require downloading a special localization. According to the developers, such a limitation is due to the fact that the Russian Federation is not a priority.

Be that as it may, the situation looks a little strange: there is an integrated Russification for the mobile version of the messenger, but there is no Russification for the desktop version. As long as the creators have not corrected this defect, you should act as follows:

download the file for switching to Russian (localization);
open messenger settings;
enter loadlang and wait, when the download window opens;
open the file called .string.

There is also a second option to solve the language problem – use Telegram bots, which will send a localization file individually.

Telegram for Windows 10 is a functional and easy-to-use messenger, which stands out against its analogues by stability and high level of information protection, complete security, as well as the intransigence of the service administration to the propaganda of violence and illegal actions.